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“the switch!” by Danny “fRoD” Montaner

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Story told by us Danny “fRoD” Montaner, best AWPer in the World. Playing for us Los Angeles compLexity

Changing to 1.6 after not touching it, and playing source non stop for over a year and a half is really tough, especially being a professional at both. When you make that jump from an amateur to professional, it’s really all about the wealth of experience you’ve gained and knowledge. This was one of the keys that excelled me to the top in 1.6, and slowly but surely, in the source scene as well once the experience set it. Now that I am fully functional in both games, it throws a twist into your playstyle and team style. In both games I am a super aggressive playmaker, I guess thats probably the best way of describing my style. But, the trick is, both games have their versions of aggressiveness and how they are meant to be approached.

In CS period, it doesn’t matter what you know, its all about: what you know, and how you can apply it. Many players know so much, and know what to do, but without confidence and execution of game plan, whether it be personal or team, needs to be fulfilled. After dm’ing a lot on my own and scrimming a bunch, I feel like most of the rust is shaking off from 1.6, and I will be able to miss a lot less awp shots 🙂

Another thing about the game, is the way your brain needs to function. This was easily one of the harder things to overcome. In 1.6, I excelled at being smart and innovative, which requires your brain to think of solutions as situations are presented to you. In source, you don’t really need to use your ‘brain’ per-say, it’s really a game made brain that if you just follow the way things are ‘supposed’ to be done, the ‘appropriate’ result will follow, which shows the need to not think as much, therefore being easier. In 1.6, every situation and every moment of the round (yea, there is so much more round time to make things happen its unreal), that your brain is forcing you to think a lot and process all the information presented to you. Thus, making 1.6 a lot harder and more challenging. And for me, thats really what I want, a challenge. So glad I feel like the underdog, it’s my favorite place to be in gaming. 🙂

Thanks to all the supporters staying positive with the team, we are really trying hard and trying to fix everything we can. It’s really challenging, but at the end of the day, we are here to accept that challenge and will try to bring a lot back to this franchise and great fanbase. And on a side note, I’m officially addicted to the coin games where you drop the coin and it pushes others off for tickets at dave and buster. I go with my girlfriend often and just clean house.. time to save for a bike!

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