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The “MoD”erator of Romania

by KrieppeN

Can the DotA Community in Romania reach its full potential?
A question many asked but none were able to answer, I asked this question also to one of the best Romanian admin: Mihai “MoD” Mihalcea. Being Head of ESL Romania and doing such a good job with EPS Seasons, he earn his place in the Romanian DotA: Hall of Fame and he`s opinion counts for each and everyone of us.

Hello MoD and thank you for accepting to stay to chat with us. Please say a few words about you for your fans and for the people that are reading this interview.
Hello Cosmin, I thank you also for interviewing me. Hmm, a phew words about myself? I think the most appropriate word to start is “gamer”. I’ve been a gamer since I was a child and a professional one for about 5 years. I’m familiar with a lot of games but my passion remains DotA Allstars. As an organizer, I have a history of over 3 years and for almost an year I hold the ESL National Head position in Romania.

After being an ESL Romania DotA Admin for some time now, what`s your opinion regarding the Romanian dota community (teams and organization)?
For start, the Romanian DotA Community is a very large one and shouldn’t be neglected, the only problem is that it’s missing two things: the will and the unity. Players are… teams can be founded… tournaments can be organized. With the passing of time, more and more professional teams are going to appear. Let’s not forget that 2 years ago there weren’t any national dota competitions and only one and maybe two teams could have been called professional ones. It was clear for me that without any league support, the community couldn’t grow and evolve as it should normally do. I’m convinced that in a matter of one year Romania will have 8 high-skilled teams and over 5 anually national competitions.

2008 was a good year for the Romanian DotA Scene, do you think 2009 will be better?
Definitely yes. Like I said above the future sounds good

TeG moved to NextPlease! Gaming was this a good move, considering the amount of popularity TeG has in Romania and abroad.
I tend to think that this was a good move since is in their benefits. I admit that TeG is probably the third word which comes in my head after “gaming” and “dota” but nevertheless NextPlease! will probably make history once again with the help of their big experience.

A question some of the players told me to ask you is: What is your favourite team and what would a dream team sound like?
Nice question. My favourite team is of course asdf but a dream team is hard to determine since there are more than 5 good players in Romania, but it will probably sound like this: sony, freezer, bird, hyperion and satelit.

ESL Pro Series, one of the greatest tournament in Romania also, is it hard to organize a lan or an event for the Romanian teams, taking in consideration the lack of interest coming from the sponsors?
Touche! Except the administration part, the most hard one is getting a partnership with a big sponsor. In order to do this you must have a history and the best way to have this is to make an own investment. After adding this to your portfolio, all you have to do is a very nice presentation and the odds of getting a contract with a big sponsor are very high.

Could any Romanian Tournament compete with ESL Pro Series? At a local level that is?
Sure, why not but it’s not going to be easy. We’re now after one year of intense gaming activity not only in DotA. Rest assured that we are going to raise our prizes higher and higher with every season.

Romania’s Gaming Community is lacking sponsors, is that because of the low level of gaming in Romania or because of the poor organizations the Romanian teams have?
This consequence is due to the lack of good organizers. You don’t see people with intentions or ideas arround the Romanian DotA Community and this issue is seen as a risk in the eyes of the sponsors. We can only hope that these kind of people will appear more often and stay longer than it does now.

What would you improve ?
If I would have the power to improve something, I would improve the community members’s mentality and would try to unify the players more. To be honest, I have already developed a project towards these targets

What does this “project” consist of?
I’m not quite ready to reveal my ideas but I can say a phew. The project consists in a site, the biggest gaming site ever created actually, and it will bring to the user all the features that he might need, from a news about a game or a hardware to an online shop or it’s own blog. I’m hopping that we can make it accessible with the beginning of 2009.

Any names you could share with us?
As a gift from me, the site’s name will be www.BeyondGaming.eu, as for the staff, I can’t tell you anything now except that I’m going to be the Project Manager.

What can you tell us about Intel Friday Night Games?
The Intel Friday Night Game (IFNG) concept is a brand new one for ESL Romania. During the ESL Pro Series, these offline events will hold, during one night, one match from each EPS game in which the best teams are going to confront each other. For the current season we are going to organize two Intel Friday Night Games, one in Bucharest and one in Constanta

Which teams will take part in this event?
The teams I want to take part are NextPlease vs. I Got Game @Bucharest and asdf vs. HeadHunters @Constanta but I have to discuss more about this with them.

DotA in ESWC 2009? A dream or it could happened.
It’s a little bit odd that DotA hasn’t been announced officially as game yet, I’m sure that they will announce it sooner or later.

DotA`s future is still being a map? Or it should expand into a new game.
There has been a lot of rumours about this and believe me that they started from some time. I personally believe that this won’t happen since Starcraft II and Diablo III are already scheduled and only Blizzard can develope “the DotA game”.

These being said I would like to thank you for you time, any shout-out or do you have anything to tell your fans out there?
Dear fans, rest assured that your virtual world is going to get better and better

I. DotA Related:

1. Favourite Hero: magnus
2. Favourite Side: sentinel
3. Favourite Item: dagger
4. Favourite Team: asdf
5. Favourite Player: Sony
6. Favourite Online Tournament: ESL
7. Favourite Offline Tournament: ESL Arena
8. Favourite DotA Version: 6.52e

II. Real Life Related:

1. Favourite Movie: V for Vendetta
2. Favourite Book: -_-
3. Favourite Food: Pizza
4. Favourite Drink: Coke Light
5. Favourite Quote: Death gotta’ be easy ‘cuz life is hard.
6. Favourite Song: 50 Cent – Many men
7. Favourite Actor: so many..
8. Favourite Sport: basketball

III Gaming Related:

1. Favourite Gaming Community: DotA
2. Favourite Gaming Website: www.SK-Gaming.com
3. Favourite Gear Provider: Logitech
4. Favourite Coverage Website: www.SK-Gaming.com

Quick Questions

1. MYM / SK sk
2. DotA.Ro Tour / EEDC Romania none
3. asdf / NextPlease asdf
4. IGG / [HH] IGG
5. Xeno.Game-Blog.ro / SirNeo.Game-Blog.ro Xeno.Game-Blog.ro

Interview by Mangri “Xenocid” Cosmin

Photo by ESL.eu

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