AirWalk on the move!

After the old and successful AirWalk.DotA team disbanded last year but not before finishing on the 4th place in the most important competition in the country, the AirWalk Group went into a stagnant phase of inactivity via competitions and started focusing on Media Projects.
Now they’re back! For approximately one week of discussions and treaties with two top-ten DotA teams, an agreement has been made between Wait 4 Team (W4T) and AirWalk. The whole team has been recruited and will become the next AirWalk.DotA!

W4T is considered to be 3rd place in Romania in direct battle for the second place with neXtPlease (ex TeG). About two months ago they added three coL (Complexity) members, and by doing so they’ve ensured their place in the top 3. The entire roster is:

MoD as Team Manager
Wizard as Team Captain

Officially announced the merge, as team manager Mihai ‘MoD’ Mihalcea has given a statement:

“First of all we salute the entire AirWalk community and staff. Today we can proudly announce that Wait 4 Team will effectively become AirWalk.DotA for as long as it can. We’ve constantly grown since our first apparition in a competition and we feel that this step will represent the next phase of our evolution as a strong team. AirWalk is expected to launch a site and add more teams at different games, in overview the future looks bright and we will carry the AW tag with big confidence.”

Officially statement announcement by AirWalk owner, Dragos ‘KrieppeN’ Karner:

“After our DotA squad has scattered, I felt very sorry and tried to find a good team who can and will carry AW tag as the old team did, with respect and proud. After talking with ex Captain, itstriky I knew exactly what I wanted: a full team, with good players and good vision of the game, in one word, W4T. Discussions were made and the reason you’re reading this is because they accepted to become our next DotA squad. I know most of the players and have trust in what they and will do. I wish all the best to our new DotA team.”

We wish them all the best!
Source: AirWalk’s Forum

4 Thoughts on “AirWalk on the move!

  1. distwau on March 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm said:


  2. We kinda’ rock… I guess…

  3. Indeed… 😀

  4. MoD owns.

    He is too pro to play !

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