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FRAG – The Movie (via YouTube)

Filmul “FRAG” mi se pare un film care prezinta in totalitate “gaming-ul” si acest fenomen. Personalitati precum Michal Carmac Blicharz, Angel Munoz (CPL Founder and President), Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel, Billy Mitchell (omul care a ‘spart’ recordurile mondiale la Pac Man, Donkey Kong si altele) discuta despre ceea ce a fost gaming-ul de la inceput pana in ziua de azi, sau nah, pana in 2008 cand a fost scos filmul. Se vorbeste despre Commodore64 (primul meu calculator hihi), console, Apple 2, Castle Wolfenstein, DOOM, Quake, Counter-Strike, Gaming, Amateur Gaming si Pro Gaming

Jos aveti filmul, vizionare placuta!

Frag Movie

Release Date: 15 OCT 2008
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 88 min
Director: Mike Pasly

Lead Cast:Angel Munoz and the CPL, Fatal1ty, LoSt-CaUzE

The true story of professional video gaming. Almost everyone in the world has played a video game, but some kids do it for a living. FRAG shed light on the struggles that kids face while trying to break into and maintain success in pro gaming. At a young age, they are faced with making adult decisions that impact the rest of their lives. Below the surface of a simple game is an underbelly of corruption, money, drugs, and even death. Exploited, abused, and abandoned, most gamers fail to reach the top, but like all sports, their are heroes, FRAG pulls the curtain back on the biggest sport industry in the world..one that you know nothing about.

My preferred quotes:

“Many people would think that being a professional gamer is easy, but they have absolutely no idea about the kind of stress that gamers are subject to.”
— Carmac

“It’s like doing drugs. It’s like having sex.”
— Kim Rom

Source: Fragmovie.com