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ESL IFNG @ Hollywood Multiplex

Prima editie ESL Intel Friday Night Game organizat de Electronic Sports League (ESL), Intel si Razer a avut loc cu ceva timp in urma, in data de 10 Octombrie 2008 la Hollywood Multiplex din Mall Vitan, Bucuresti, urmatorul urmand sa aiba loc pe data de 31 Octombrie 2008.

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The “MoD”erator of Romania

Can the DotA Community in Romania reach its full potential?
A question many asked but none were able to answer, I asked this question also to one of the best Romanian admin: Mihai “MoD” Mihalcea. Being Head of ESL Romania and doing such a good job with EPS Seasons, he earn his place in the Romanian DotA: Hall of Fame and he`s opinion counts for each and everyone of us.

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