How I was removed as a Romanian Captain at TWC2016


Buna dimineata sau buna ziua tuturor!

Hai sa va spun care e smecheria cu The World Championships 2016 si cum am ajuns sa adorm aseara capitanul echipei nationale si sa ma trezesc well, in situatia de fata.

Dupa ce am fost ales si am postat faptul ca am fost ales (nu?), m-au felicitat multi prieteni si jucatori profesionisti de CS:GO spunand ca abia asteapta sa vada echipa Romaniei. Nu este prima data cand sunt capitan si din punctul meu de vedere am convocat mereu cei mai buni jucatori romani. Bun.

Printre cei care m-au felicitat a fost si Cristian Duca aka Omicron, managerul/owner/manevrator sef al echipei XPC, doar ca mi-a spus ca nimeni din XPC nu va juca pentru ca el nu a fost ales capitan. I-am spus ca greseste daca face acest lucru si mi-a zis ca nu-l intereseaza viitorul echipei nationale, ca pe el il interesa ca toti jucatorii din XPC sa joace in echipa nationala, mereu. Doar ei. I-am spus ca acest lucru nu este posibil si ca vor juca maxim trei (3), asa cum prevede regulamentul. Mi-a spus ca are el in cap un plan maret, acela de a da afara 2 jucatori de la XPC (era vb de WhitE si sXe) si sa ia inapoi doi din fosti XPCisti, r1d3R si starkiller astfel, cei trei jucatori ramasi la XPC (SEMiNTE, XELLOW si COSMEEN) jucau cu WhitE si sXe veniti de la alta echipa. Le gasea el casa cat tineau calificarile la TWC2016.

I-am spus ca nu este okay si ca daca el vrea sa retraga XPC din evenimentul asta va face rau jucatorilor. N-a inteles (sau n-a vrut) si a zis ca asta este decizia lui. Ca a vorbit cu E-FRAG (organizatorii) si ca daca el nu va iesi capitan, 5 jucatori din top10 nu vor juca. Top5 fiind jucatori din XPC.

Mi-am zis Okay, asta este., dupa care am vorbit cu BTN pentru a forma echipa nationala impreuna.

Trece ziua cu pricina si dimineata primesc mesaj de la E-FRAG care-mi spun urmatoarele:

I regret to inform you that we will revise our decision and that Cristian Duca will take manager role instead of you for Team Romania. I got no other words than Im sorry. Omicron should be the wiser decision at this point. Im sorry

So, echipa Romaniei din anul asta va fi XPC, dupa cum vrea Omicron. Pentru ca nu mai conteaza alti jucatori in tara asta decat XPC-ul, atat. Pentru ca asa a invatat Omicron ca merge treaba in Romania, pe manevra.

Gresesc sa nu-mi convina? Gresesc sa vreau sa fac ceva sincer si profi in Romania si sa intampin astfel de probleme si oameni?

Mereu pe combinatii, cred ca asta poate fi sloganul Romaniei.

Conversatia cu Omicron:



Good morning or good day to all!

Let me tell you whats the catch with The World Championships 2016 and how I went to sleep as Captain of the Romanian National Team and woke up well, in this situation.

After Ive been selected and I posted the fact that Ive been selected (right?), many friends and professional gamers congratulated me and told me that they cant wait to see the new Romanian team. Is not the first time Im selected as Romanian National Manager/Captain, it is my third time and every time I selected the best players. Really.

One of the many that congratulated me for being selected was Cristian Duca aka Omicron, manager/owner/boss maneuver of XPC, but he didnt only congratulate me, he told me that nobody from XPC will play because he wasnt selected as Captain. I told him that he makes a big mistake if he will do that and he told me that he doesnt care about Romania, he cares about the players of XPC to play as Romania, always. Just them. I told him that this is not possible since the rules states that only 3 from same team can play in the national lineup. He told me that he has a big plan, kicking 2 from the team (WhitE and sXe) and making them a part of another team, taking two other players that have been in XPC in the past (r1d3R and starkiller) and making a team full of XPC as Romanian National Team. The two kicked players will stay in another team as long as the qualifiers for TWC2016 last but will be selected for national team, of course.

I told him that this is not okay, to take away the players from XPC the chance to play in the national team and that will hurt the players. He said that this is his decision and that he told E-FRAG (the organizers) that if he wont be selected as Captain/Manager, 5 players from top10 wont play. Those 5 players being from XPC.

I said to myself Okay, thats that., and I talked with BTN to make the National team together.

At the end of that day (thats yesterday) I go to sleep and in the morning I receive a message on Steam from E-FRAG telling me the following:

I regret to inform you that we will revise our decision and that Cristian Duca will take manager role instead of you for Team Romania. I got no other words than Im sorry. Omicron should be the wiser decision at this point. Im sorry

Sent by iAN Aleksandar Božić.

So, with all this been said, the new Romanian National Team will be XPC, because Omicron wants that. Because there are no other good players in Romania than XPC players, thats it. Because this is how Omicron and other people think Romania works.

Am I wrong if I dont like this? Am I wrong if I honestly want to make something pro in Romania and Im continuously hold by this kind of problems and people?

Conversation with Omicron [in Romanian]:

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